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Why is pairing affirmations with journaling so effective?

An affirmation is a thought we have about ourselves that we repeat over and over again. For better or worse, we have positive affirmations, but we also have negative affirmations. We often forget that we put negative affirmations into our heads moment by moment. So, that’s why we see that we have POSITIVE affirmations all around us as reminders. 

Some of my negative affirmations are: I can’t do pullups. I am not a good writer. I struggle to stay focused. I’m not good at ____. I’ll never look like her. 

How about you?? -- Take a moment to identify things that you say to yourself that are negative. (noticing them is the first step into turning them around, or simply claiming that you won’t say them anymore). 

Our thoughts are fleeting. They are like cars on a highway zooming by. And whether we think about the groceries we need to pick up, or the important life goals we have, one thought carries no more weight than another. UNLESS, we give them more weight. 

We give weight to a thought by pairing an action or an emotion with it. By journaling, we take our thought, and we pair MULTIPLE actions with it. We put our tactile sense to work by writing. We put our eyes to work as they see our writing, and they read the thoughts on paper. We can close our eyes and meditate and feel the words we just wrote. And we can even speak those same words and hear our own voices claiming the words on that paper. You’ve just taken (almost) all of your senses and invested them into your single thought that you had. 

So that car that was zooming by on the highway just picked you up and allowed you to experience what it feels like to be on that highway and zoom on it.  ---- WHAT A DIFFERENCE, RIGHT?!?! 

The only thing that a journal cannot give us is the sense of smell. And it was this discovery that led me to created a line of candles that would allow you to pair a scent with your affirmations and journaling. 

So, with your new candle, go set those intentions for yourself. Claim the new reality that you are stepping into, and inhale those sweet aromas! While you exhale the fear and doubt you are holding about yourself. 


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