Affirmations to get out of a job you hate

Affirmations to get out of a job you hate


Ugh. Hating your job is sometimes the toughest spot to be in. You feel like you need it to make a living. You have to show up. You have to give it your best hours of your day. You have to give it energy that you’d like to spend elsewhere. It makes you feel disgruntled, disengaged, and sometimes ruins your mood for the rest of the day. 

So how do you get out of it? How do you break free from the chains that require you to show up every day? How can you start changing your mindset to change your reality? -- Let’s walk through this together. 

Let’s start with your ‘hating’ of your job. For 8 hours a day (or more) you walk around in a state that is low, that is frustrated, that is dissatisfied, and you feel trapped. You’re going to need to dedicate yourself to changing that mindset and state multiple times in a day. You’re going to need to change your mind before you can change your physical reality. 

Here are a few things you can do to change your state while going to a job that you hate: 

  1. Find things that you are grateful for at that job. Do you like their coffee? Do you like the building? The chair? Do you like your coworkers? --- Start focusing on the items you can be thankful for in your day. Your brain will start to be trained to look for more and more of these moments. 
  2. Wake up before you HAVE to. Focus on starting your day for you, rather than for that job. You have to get into the habit of starting your day for yourself. Starting your day for you will automatically put you into a better state, and it will help boost your mood and mental strength later in the day. 
  3. Take breaks and fill them with enriching and mood boosting activities. Your job offers your breaks. Take advantage of them. Spend that time enriching your day, not scrolling your phone looking at other people’s highlight reels. 
    1. Go for a walk. 
    2. Read a personal development book. 
    3. Watch videos of babies laughing or cute pets.
    4. Eat healthier foods that will fuel your brain and body. (this does not include refined sugar, as it's scientifically proven to reduce your brain’s capacity to produce ‘feel good’ hormones. 

Remember, it's the repetition that is going to help you through this. Stay with it, you’re worth it. 

-- xo, Beth

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