How Candles Can Help Manage Stress

How Candles Can Help Manage Stress

It’s no secret that candles are known for their soothing qualities. There are countless scenarios in which candles are the catalyst for a calm state. I'm sure you've used them to provide soft lighting in the evening with dinner, or as you take a bath and relax, or adding an aroma to your yoga practice or meditation. And each time you do, you realize that it helps 'sets the mood' and promotes relaxation. 

    But how do candles provide such a sense of tranquility? -- There are many elements that help with this! -- check out why. 

    Setting the Scene:

    If you are lighting a candle, there is a pretty good chance that you are deliberately trying to create an environment that will provide peace to your soul. Just by simply deciding that you want this moment of peace, you’ve already committed to this act of self-care. When you decide to create a soothing ambience, it makes sense that your mood will follow suit. 

    Lighting the Flame:

    Flickering candlelight provides us with a sense of security that allows our mind, body and soul to relax. There is also an element of immediate action that ties into this step. You’ve already decided that you want to create a soothing environment, now this is you taking a simple action to make that decision a reality. Not to mention, when the warm-lighting comes into our vision, our minds make the connection that it is now time to relax. We picked a white vessel to help distribute a soft orange diffused glow as you look to your candle. 

    Choosing Your Perfect Scent:

    This is the best part! There is so much science about how scent affects mood. By creating this calming ritual, you are essentially wiring your mind to feel a certain way when you smell specific fragrances. I personally love our “Free” and “Loved” affirmation candles to help facilitate this connection. They both offer a sense of security in different ways. It depends on your mindset that day.

    Light "Free" when you want to soak in the present moment.

    Light "Loved" when you want to take all of your heart and surround yourself with it.

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