multiple candels


Affirmations are short and powerful sentences, that upon repeating, can help create a new reality. With affirmations, consistency is key. The more you repeat them, the faster you will believe them. 

But the absolute key to affirmations is to FEEL GOOD. If an affirmation makes you feel worse about your current state, it's not going to have the benefits that you desire. 

The statements are designed to make bold statements about you, but to also keep them general enough so that you can believe them. They are also designed to show you how you can take that statement to your ‘everyday’. They are reminders of the power that you bring to the moments of your day. We’ve included repetition in the affirmations so that even if you say the affirmation upon lighting your candle once a day, you’ll get a rhythm and a repetition that aligns. 

We brought the power of scent and words together to give your brain a double dose of positive feelings and get multiple senses on board. Through the affirmations, your eyes read them from the label, your mouth says them, your ears hear them, and your nose gets to smell the aromas.

The more we think, say, or hear a particular thought, the more it sounds true, and the stronger our belief becomes. All too often we fill those beliefs with negative  and stressful thoughts, and sometimes we need that boost or reminder of an encouraging thought. When we believe positive and encouraging thoughts about ourselves, our confidence grows, our self-worth develops, and we show up more authentically!

Our internal dialogue is a constant stream, and the way that we speak to and about ourselves (whether out loud or in our minds), shapes our reality!

Let your candle serve as a reminder of the power we have within us, and of the qualities that make each of us so special!

Plus, neuroscience confirms that a daily boost of positive, inspiring, motivating affirmative thought recharges our mind for other tasks.