State of Being is here to help you live in the moment of your truth. Our products are here to encourage whatever state you desire to be in. By combining affirmations with scent, you can shift your state to one that inspires and motivates you.

worthy candle and journaling

As the world came to a halt in 2020, it forced a lot of people into a state of self-awareness and self-reflection. A lot of this reflection has been done alone and in quiet dwellings by many women across the globe. This was especially true for owner, Beth Geddio.

These quiet moments through 2020 led Beth to realizing the importance of starting her day through positive affirmations, devotions, and journaling. Lighting a candle became a powerful part of her ritual. 

She realized that the scent of the candle she lit while journaling affected her focus, and her thoughts. In doing the research she realized that scent has a very powerful effect when it comes to activating our brains’ thought patterns. She knew this was the way she could help so many women access their inner beauty.

Beth's ability to spread joy, shine bright, and share her journey so openly allows her to motivate other women to do the same. She is in the process of creating and delivering all the tools women need to take the next step towards self-love and fulfillment in their lives.