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State of Being is here to help you live in the moment of your truth. Our products are here to encourage whatever state you desire to be in. By combining affirmations with scent, you can shift your state to one that inspires and motivates you.

Affirmations have been proven to improve your mindset, but they require repetition, and sometimes that is hard to fit into our day. On the flip side, Our brains are wired to automatically recall memories when we smell scents. We’re using that to your advantage.

Our affirmation candles utilize the unique power of your sense of smell to recall the memory of your affirmation. By combining the mental and physical, our candles are here to help you elevate your entire state of being.

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"I really like this unique idea of associating smell with positive affirmation. It helps solidify the affirmation the entire time it burns and helps me focus my thoughts while it burns."

"Every morning after receiving my Resilient candle in the mail, I walked into my office, lit the candle, and recited the affirmation. Leaving it lit and reminding myself of the affirmation throughout the day made me feel like I could tackle anything that day threw my way. When you are in the right state of mind and are constantly reminded through scent - magic happens! As a new business owner, these candles are now a staple in my office! So thankful for this brand to transform my morning routine and enhance my mood throughout the day! Yankee has nothing on State of Being Co!!"

"I loved being able to give this as a gift. I was going to get my friends a candle, the Radiant candle made it so much more thoughtful. I was able to encourage my friend while also giving her a great gift she loved."

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