Where do affirmations come from?

Where do affirmations come from?

At this point in my journey, affirmations are part of my every day life. From the time I wake up to go to bed, affirmations carry me through my day. They give me the energy and empowerment to go about my day from working my full-time job to working out to fulfilling your orders. But where do they come from?

Mostly they come from you! You have the power to create and adapt existing affirmations and apply them to your life. You can take a very generic and vague affirmation and form it to your life and what you need at the time whether it is the power to get through your 20 emails in your inbox or a 30-minute spin class. Or something larger like finishing your master’s degree or saving up for a house. For example, you can take an affirmation from one of my candles or simply Google affirmations and then read it, think about it and tweak it to make sense for you.

When making your own affirmation, you want to start with the words “I am.” That’s all you need to start! Other key factors include using present tense, keeping it brief and most importantly making it specific. The most important part is just to start and follow your heart!

How do I make my own affirmations? 

This might be the question I get the most! Here is how I would start! 

  1. Write down what you want.
    1. I want………….. 
  2. Put “I am” or “I have” in place of the “I want” from your last statement. So, now your statement should start with “I am” or “I have”. 
    1. I am…..  or   I have…… 
  3. Now add details to the thing you wanted… 

Here is my example: 

  1. I want a successful career
  2. I have a successful career
  3. I have a successful career that brings me fulfillment as I walk into work each day and pays me well. 

Thats it! It’s pretty simple!! Comment below with your newest affirmation! 

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