Affirmations Not Working? Try This!

Affirmations Not Working? Try This!


Affirmations can be tricky. 

It sounds simple, creating a statement for what you want to be, but often our minds don’t translate what we want to be, and claim it as who we are, we need do help our brains along. 

Because of this little brain ‘trick’, a lot of people say that affirmations “don’t work”. I DISAGREE. And I disagree based on hard scientific evidence that they do work, and my own personal experience. To get affirmations to really work for you they have to  meet a few criteria.  

I find it easier to look at specific examples when I talk about affirmations, so let’s say you have bills coming in that are stressing you out. We want to overcome that stress with an affirmation so that you can go on in your day feeling better. To combat that you say to yourself; “I am a millionaire” over and over again. But when you say ‘I am a millionaire’ you're whole body tenses up and you hate yourself for not actually being a millionaire. And you don’t even know what being a millionaire would feel like. 

Your brain is going to go into alert mode knowing that you are in fact, NOT a millionaire, and the stress your body is feeling is the lack of trust you just put into yourself. Instead, you’ll have to start in a way that your brain can connect to… Here are a few tips to find an affirmation that will work for you. 

1. State what you want to achieve in a present tense. (but if that thing causes you stress, pull it back to something that brings you excitement)

Another example, you want to be the manager at work. But you feel stressed about not knowing how to do that job yet. Your affirmation should focus on what you want to have happen and what you can do to obtain your goal. For example, “I am doing the right things at my job that get me noticed for a promotion”. 

In this example you have just informed yourself that you are doing all of the right things to achieve your goal of the promotion. You can believe this statement right now, and the end result will get you the promotion you are working for. 

2. Are simple. Affirmations should be simple and easy to remember. Otherwise, it’ll be too easy to make excuses for not saying them, or to simply forget about them.

3. Are positive. NEVER use the words “don’t, can’t, won’t”.  Affirmations need to focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want. For example, “I have a promotion” is better than “I haven’t been passed over for a promotion.” -- Our spiritual side, and our brain only focus on the intent of our words, rather than the semantics of the words, in short, negatives ‘don’t work’. 

4. Are in the present tense. Affirmations work best when phrased in the present tense, not in the future tense. For example, “I have a new car that brings me joy every time I get into it,” not “I am going to get a new car.” 

5. Are filled with emotion. The more positive emotion you put into your affirmations as you say them, the faster you will see results. When you say your affirmation, really feel it. Get excited. Allow yourself to fill up with positive emotion.

This becomes even more important the longer you use the affirmations. In the beginning, they are exciting and new. After a while, it can feel like you are just saying them to say them. To keep your energy high, track your results, making note of any changes in your life or beliefs since you began using them.

6. Require repetition. You can choose to either repeat the statements to yourself as often as possible during the day, read them a couple of times a day, record them and listen to them while driving or throughout the night as your sleep, or better yet, repeat them every time you pass your candle. That’s why we put the affirmation right on the label! It will stay with you all day! 

So, there you have it… a few key factors that are essential for your own affirmations. While I put a lot of information here, I want you to know that the point of the affirmation is for you to feel better.  As you think of your own, don’t overthink it. Find a sentence or two that makes you feel better and run with it…. Tweak it if you feel it could make you feel better after a few days. These affirmations are YOURS. Enjoy the process. Enjoy your statements. Affirm your life! 


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