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Frequently asked questions

After researching all types of natural waxes, we found a supplier who used a proprietary blend of coconut wax, soy, and beeswax. Coconut wax is a lovely sustainable product that reduces the melting temperature of soy, optimizing burn-times and scent throws. Coconut wax is also much more sustainable than soy. This, in combination with our textile-grade cotton wicks, produce a clean burn and allows the fragrance oils to fill the room.

Our oils are sourced from top fragrance makers in the United States using essential and perfume-grade fragrance oils. We use 100% natural essential oils and natural fragrance in our candles, because, just as in our wax we feel the less chemicals in our candles, the better for you and the environment. We've developed a near-perfect candle formula that makes the scent present without being overpowering.

Upon lighting your candle, enjoy the scent. Then speak the affirmation on the candle label and live in that special moment. The more you recite the affirmation while burning the candle, the quicker the affirmation becomes your reality. Learn more HERE.

Our candles are created from start to finish by hand.Because our candles use natural wax and minimal processing, variations in appearance may occur, (including a variation in texture after burning, or the occasional sinkhole).  The 'flaws' are natural in handmade products, and remind us of the process.  We promise you that these variations are purely cosmetic and do not affect the quality of the burn or distribution of fragrance.