Why did you combine scents and affirmations?

Why did you combine scents and affirmations?


We brought the power of scent and words together to give your brain a double dose of positive feelings and get multiple senses on board. 

Our thoughts are fleeting. We think anywhere from 40-60 thoughts per minute. So, how can we give more weight to the GOOD thoughts, and less weight to the bad ones? --- We can attach emotions and other scents to the thought! When you do this, the thought ‘sticks’, and thus this thought becomes more important than the thought of “I need to pick up gluten free granola from the grocery store”. :) 

When you think the ‘thought’ on our candles, you’re adding SO MUCH weight to your thoughts. Your eyes read the positive affirmation on the label, your mouth says them (and all of this takes your brain to do), your ears hear those same thoughts, and your nose gets to smell the aromas that have been designed to emphasize those feelings. 

BOOM! We just added weight to your thoughts. And you just became more confident, just loved yourself a little more, and you just secured a moment of positivity into your brain. NICE WORK! 

The more we think, say, or hear a particular thought, the more it sounds true, and the stronger our belief becomes. All too often we fill those beliefs with negative  and stressful thoughts, and sometimes we need that boost or reminder of an encouraging thought. When we believe positive and encouraging thoughts about ourselves, our confidence grows, our self-worth develops, and we show up more authentically to the life we desire. 

So take your candle, read the label, take a big deep breath in, and go capitalize on your moment of self love. Let us know how it feels!

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