Our Mission

At State of Being, we are obsessed with the idea of better living. By leveraging the power of scent, memory, and neuroplasticity we are helping thousands of women improve their thought patterns and lifestyles! We want to live positive, powerful lives, and want to help you do the same! 

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How It Works

Have you ever had a scent take you back to a vivid memory? Our olfactory (smell) receptors are connected to our olfactory bulb, which is connected directly to our amygdala and hippocampus. The amygdala and hippocampus regions of the brain help handle memory and emotion. That’s why certain smells can evoke such powerful emotions and vivid memories. 

This connection between scent and memory not only causes your brain to visit the vivid past, but can shift your thoughts and emotions in the present.  By training your mind to associate feelings and thoughts with a scent, you can effectively recall and realign with the words you know to be true, your affirmation, your desired State of Being.