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The pleasantly uplifting scents of yuzu, honeysuckle, and vanilla brighten any moment and bring a sense of rejuvenation to your day. Light this candle when you’re feeling distant or lonely. Let this comforting scent wrap its arms around you.

Scent Profile:

I am connected.
I have all of the right people & resources coming into my life at the right time.
I am connected.

Key Scent Elements: 

Vanilla | Birch  | Jasmine | Honeysuckle | Yuzu 

Vanilla: Vanilla is one of the most relaxing and pleasant fragrances tested for the reduction of anxiety and distress and has been known to elevate our feelings of joy and relaxation.

Birch: Birch oil is a natural stimulant that stimulates our body systems. It can boost the endocrine glands to produce more enzymes and hormones. In Celtic mythology, birch is also a tree of beginnings and came to symbolise renewal and purification.

Jasmine: The jasmine aesthetic is already pleasing enough, but this floral scent also has serious mood perks. A 2010 study found that not only does the smell of jasmine create a sense of alertness, it can also serve as a way to help with depressive thoughts. Researchers found that the stimulating effect of jasmine oil can aid in the relief of depression and can lead to an uplifted mood. Pretty powerful for a tiny flower.

Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle symbolizes both love and happiness. It can be used to express the joy of a new relationship, nostalgia for days and relationships in the past or simply to wish the recipient great joy in life. 

Yuzu: Yuzu is a beautiful and different type of citrus oil from Japan. The aroma is light and refreshing.  It is uplifting for the emotional body as well as helping to reduce anxiety. Yuzu essential oil is a great friend for the respiratory and digestive system, so take a deep breath!

Product Details:
• 50 hours burn time
• Premium Soy and Coconut wax
• 9 oz. white glass jar
• 3.5" x 3.5" candle dimensions
• 4" x 4" packaging dimensions
• Single wick