Tie Dye Workshop with @DyeHardFan


Come Tie Dye a custom Tshirt with us and @Dyehardfan! 

You'll get to choose your own empowering word to put on a tee, we'll provide that tee at the workshop, and then give you the supplies and instruction on how to tie-dye it! Showcase your creativity and spread your message with this one-of-a-kind piece.

Beth Geddio will also provide insights into affirmations and how you can use them and improve them to pursue the life you desire!  


Design your own aromatherapeutic scent and affirmation! Our workshops will teach you scent classifications and how certain smells can affect your mood. Then we'll coach you through designing your own candle scent and teach you the steps to make your own affirmation candle.

Two 8.5oz Clear Glass Tumblers

100% Coconut Wax

Approx. 50 Hours

Approx. 3" x 3"

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Choose Your Affirmation.

I am:

brilliant fearless powerful bright grounded connected

Establish your State of Being.