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The Official Glue - Sayings that Stick

Productivity is in the Air....

The Official Glue and State of Being Candles have collaborated to fill your space with the Air of Productivity, created with the increasing need to work from home in mind. The Official Glue has transformed a few of their sticky statements into GLUEOLOGY quotes that will be sure to get you ready to produce.

This limited edition productivity collection by State of Being candles has been specially blended to peak your productivity levels while filling your space with a fragrance that makes you feel ready to take on your day. The Official Glue has provided four of their most popular GLUEOLOGY quotes for you to choose from. These powerful statements have created momentum for so many and now we’re sharing a piece of that energy with you.  

Place this candle in your home office space, when you’re hit with that feeling of low productivity. Light your candle and allow the fragrance to awaken your senses and stimulate your mind. The GLUEOLOGY quotes along with the specially blended fragrance remind you that you are the master of your product and the owner of your productivity.


Needing some Motivation?

Sell your future, not your present-  This statement drives from a place of confident thinking.  Speaking to yourself and everyone around you as the person you aspire to be, not who you are currently. This is a practice of elevated thinking, if you are consistently selling the future model of yourself your physical self will catch up with your mindset and your future will always be bright.


Looking to Focus?

Clarity brings confidence and confidence brings coins- Being very clear on the goals you want to achieve and the steps it takes to achieve those goals can create extreme confidence. When you are confident within the results those goals will produce you are guaranteeing yourself a return in some form or fashion. 


Seeking Intention

Your referrals are your reflection- Make intentional decisions to protect your brand identity. Send out referrals that are of good value to the person on the receiving end, to be sure that 

Needing more Drive? 

Do the work that is required to get the results you desire - Commit to taking the action steps necessary so that you can relish in the rewards of the labor.